We are a small innovative company that uses golf swing biomechanics to investigate what - why - when we do things in a golf swing and do our best to deliver a filtered simplified message to our followers and athletes.

We hope you enjoy our journey investigating why we hold the putter the way we have been traditionally taught and what has motivated us to develop the putting system and change the grip shape for putters. We will explain the science behind the new bjm system for holding a putter and why we have designed a grip suited for this type of hold.

Whether you use our system for holding the putter or choose one of your own, as long as you have a bjm putter grip then you will always have science on your side.

​We believe that putter grips are designed poorly.

If you look at the way we should hold a putter then it sort of makes sense to make the putter grips larger, fatter and with a shape that allows the palms of the hands to turn comfortably up or palms under the bottom of the grip. How we connect the hands becomes obsolete simply because we have reduced the mobility of the joints in the hands and arms by turning the palms up.

Turning the palms up has a major chain reaction on the way the arms sit into the body also, in fact the way we hold the putter creates a chain reaction for the way the body moves the putter head and putter face through space.
To understand this more then we would have to go back to the beginning, which believe it or not is the end. What I mean by that is we must investigate the way the ball rolls and what is an effective and efficient roll. Why do we worry about ball roll? Well once we can create a consistent even roll on the ball we are then able to predict the balls behavior as it roll along the putting surface, this way reading greens becomes a repeatable learnable skill.
From here work out what contact from the putter creates this roll deducted from, putter head path, putter face position at contact, putter head accent/decent and putter head acceleration.
Look at what mechanical movements creates inefficient positions for the putter head/face etc and by matter of deduction work out a mechanical system to reduce the inconsistency in the motion.
Here at the BJM putter grips limited we have done this deduction and come up with a putting system based on the science of the swing mechanics, reducing the available mobility in the joints of the hands and arms to create consistent, effective putter head motion through space.
Check out our tutorials on this website and give us your feedback. we look forward to hearing your comments.
Try our BJM putting system with the new BJM putter grip and putt your way to better scores
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